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The massage therapist arrives with a massage table, sheets, lotions, oils and music

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A vetted, background-checked massage therapist comes to you in as little as an hour

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The PURE FONDLE Experience

  • All professionals in the Pure Fondle Massage are licensed, insured, and thoroughly vetted using our industry-leading security protocols. You’ll always know exactly who is coming to your home. This is just one way we prioritize safety, transparency, and trust.
  • albertsonner:
    "This page is 100% working and legit for me, I did pay the booking fee on the page and I did pay the 1hr fee service to the therapist after the service occured..”

    "A girl from a dating app offered that to me, I honestly being curious that's why I tried it lol but yeah I did pay the booking fee thru the page, and did meet her in her place coz I'm not alone in my house.”

    "100% legit, didn't get any trouble dealing with it.”

    "I tried that before after I put in my info's it just loads forever, that's why I doubt and didn't continue with it, hope there's much easier way to deal with them.”

    "Great no prob at all, and fast service.”

    "It took too long for me to load the page even if I can easily open some other site, I guess that's why it looks sketchy because the page took too long to load lol or it's just my internet haha, but yeah I did avail a service and did pay the 3$ booking on the page, It's just the therapist ask for an additional coz she drove about an hr :D.”

Customers loves PURE FONDLE

  • Whether it’s stress, physical recovery, or a long day at work, Soothe has helped thousands of clients relax in the comfort of their own home.
  • “I feel so spoiled. The best part? I can relax at home and not have to deal with the outside world after my massage.”


Our masseuse and masseurs on Pure Fondle network are proud to be one of the world’s leading on-demand massage platform that lets you choose the time and place of your massage, and even the preferred gender of your therapist. We take extra steps to ensure that every Pure Fondle massage is a safe and relaxing experience.


All our masseuse and masseurs have completed hundreds of hours of massage training and are fully licensed and certified.

Always Protected

We verify that all therapists are fully insured with protection policy. This guarantees that both the client and therapist are cared for.

Background Checked

We care about the safety of our clients and therapists. That’s why we require clients to make booking information before every massage and conduct background checks on all therapists.

24/7 Support

Whether you have questions about the site, re-scheduling of your booking appointment, or massage in general, our concierge team is available 24/7 via email and online chat.

Secure Payment

Our secure platform ensures your money gets to the therapist—that’s why we always ask you to just pay the booking fee through our site to guarantee you a protected transfer of funds.

Review System

After every appointment, clients and therapists can provide anonymous feedback about their experience. Our Trust and Safety Team reads every review and will quickly reach out to ensure any dissatisfaction is addressed.

Scam Prevention

By using our site from booking to post-massage transaction, we’re able to ensure a safe and secure experience from beginning to end. That’s why we always ask you to pay the booking fee directly through our site.

Health and Cleanliness

Our masseuse and masseurs are trained professionals and maintain high standards of hygiene by keeping hands and materials clean and using fresh linens during every appointment.


We take one step ahead to provide a safe and stress-free experience every time you book online. Here’s what you can do to ensure your safety:

Let your therapist know what level of pressure you prefer. Talk with your therapist even after the massage has begun to better tailor the experience to your needs.

If you feel uncomfortable during the massage and wish to stop, simply communicate this to your therapist by saying, “I’d like to discontinue my massage.”

Feel free to undress to your level of comfort whether you prefer to be fully clothed, completely undressed or anything in between.

Submitting payment and communicating with your therapist through the Pure Fondle site protects your information and theirs. You should never wire money using paypal, venmo or any cash app, or otherwise pay a massage therapist directly without finishing the secured online booking. If you are asked to do so, please report it to us immediately.


What should I do if someone asks me to pay outside of the Pure Fondle site?

You should never be asked to wire money using PayPal, Venmo or other Cash App, or otherwise pay a massage therapist directly. If you are, there are easy ways to report it to us to ensure your information, finances, and identity are protected.

Reporting requests for payment outside of Pure Fondle site

If a Pure Fondle client or therapist asks you to pay off-site or through another company, report it to us in one of the following ways:

Email Us at support@purefondle.com

You will never receive an invoice from Pure Fondle, in the form of paper, PDF or otherwise. If someone attempts to complete a transaction through any of these methods, please report it immediately: Western Union, MoneyGram, Xoom, Venmo, Paypal and any other cash transaction.

Types of fraud

Underpayment Scam. If someone offers to pay or receive less than the given price for a Pure Fondle massage, it is no longer possible for Pure Fondle to guarantee secure payment since it is no longer considered a Pure Fondle appointment.

Tipping Scam. If someone offers to receive a tip in the form of cash, this can be considered a form of tax fraud as it cannot be reported to the IRS. Pure Fondle conveniently offers tipping directly through the site so that both parties can receive a receipt of their tip payment.

Advancement Scam. If someone offers to pay or receive payment for Pure Fondle massages outside of the Pure Fondle Site, Pure Fondle can no longer guarantee fulfillment of those appointments. You can buy Pure Fondle packages directly through the site and easily rebook with the same therapist.

With Pure Fondle, you’re connected to a behind-the-scenes team that is dedicated to providing you with a safe and relaxing experience from beginning to end. That’s why we always ask that you book and pay through Pure Fondle Site so we can do our best to ensure that your safety and information are always protected.



  • One Time Payment


  • One Time Payment

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Cancel up to 12 hours in advance
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Booking is Secured and locked by a Credit
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